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2022 - Temple Calendar

For every digital download there is a suggested donation of $5 to support our temple.

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 Dear Devotees,

Thank you for all the support extended by many of you during the past three years.

Please join along with us for our Temple Chathurdasha Varshika Mahotsav - 14th temple anniversary June 24-26 just this weekend. Please come and join us to participate in Pujas, have darshan, Prasadam, Lunch and Dinners for these three days. All these three days devotees can come and sit in pujas and relax without worrying about cooking food at home. We conduct all havans, Abhishekams and Puja to the welfare of our families and our communities.

Temple has made arrangements for the convenience of all devotees by setting up tents outdoors.

We look forward for your support and puja sponsorship as this is one time of the year where we have ask all devotees to donate generously. Our temple simply runs and sustains only on donors support. Your donation covers operating expenses of the temple and our priest condominiums.

Become an:
1. Event sponsor by donating $1001 or higher.
2. Gold Sponsor by donating $501
3. Silver Sponsor by donating $251
4. Any one day Sponsor by donating $101.

On Friday evening June 24th after Mahalakshmi Puja, there will be a saree auction for Sarees in four categories such as $101, $81, $51 and $41.

Saree sale booth will be set up outside and any interested devotees men or women can form a line and it will be first come first serve.

See our attached anniversary flyer for more details. We will be having volunteers to guide devotees if there are any questions or concerns.

Swami Bodhanandji will be honoring our 2022 high school graduates on June 26th at 11.30 AM with a certificate and a gift card.  

Student has to be present in person to receive this like every year.

Please send in your students name so that we can honor all the kids of West Michigan. Send your kids information to Sreejay Ramakrishnan (High school volunteer) at (616) 980 6247 with a txt or WhatsApp message. 

Any high school kids interested in volunteering these three days at the temple please contact us on our website or at vamsiravi@yahoo.com.

Loka Samastha Sukhinobhavanthu !
Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu !

Thank you, 

Vamsidhar Ravi - President
Ritu Mathur - Chairman Board of Trustees
and on behalf of
WMHT Executive Board & Board of Trustees




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Thank you for supporting West Michigan Hindu Temple.
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Dear Devotees:


Please read the following guidelines carefully and follow them strictly.


West Michigan Hindu Temple Guidelines (Covid 19):


1. We are running the temple at 10% capacity of occupants which is 25 people at one time.


2. All devotees including children need to wear a mask before entering the temple. No one is allowed to enter into the temple without wearing a mask.


3. If bringing children under 12, parents to keep their kids with them at all times, to stop the spread.


4. Darshan to all the deities is allowed only in one direction.


5. Please follow the signs posted inside the temple.


6. All devotees need to maintain social distancing of 6 ft at all times inside the temple.


7. Items Not Allowed into the temple – Fruits, cooked food, any perishable food item, Milk, Yogurt, Honey, Butter and Ghee.


8. Flowers are allowed. Untampered 'factory sealed' dry fruits and dry groceries are allowed.


9. WMHT will provide all the necessary stuff for required pujas if you sponsor for the puja.


10. No one is allowed to enter into Kitchen, Storeroom or Laundry Room.


11. No appointments are required for Temple Scheduled Pujas and Archanas (Please check the temple published calendar for various pujas).


12. Any other special pujas needed, consult with our priests for the same to be performed with social distancing. If you want a certain puja done in the temple call our priests ahead of time to fix an appointment so that they can give you an estimated time of arrival.


13. All puja sponsors are encouraged to pay online ahead of time before arriving to the temple. Envelopes will be available for Cash donations.


14. Do not visit our temple in large groups of friends.


15. Our temple community center is closed for any group activities, classes for children, yoga and lectures.


We will be conducting temple anniversary virtually with out any devotees. All puja sponsors can watch the programs on a live stream. We will be updating with dates and sponsorship details soon on this.


Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated.


with best wishes,






2020 - Temple Calendar








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