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Guru Poornima/ Vyasa Poornima:

The day was Vyasa Poornima in the month Ashada. It was called Vyasa Poornima in recognition of Vyasa Maharshi, who authored the eighteen Puranas.


On this day disciples honor and felicitate their guru and seek his or her special blessing. Devotees also perform Sri Satyanaryana Vratam.


This festival is very important to Sai devotees as they worship their Guru according to theirmight and get the blessingsfrom him. Those who worship their Guru with devotion and sincerity on this day, will always have the Guru with them. We should completely surrender ourselves to him and seek Jnana Marga.


Poornima Starts Monday Evening onwards so we will be celebrating both Monday and Tuesday. Program is as below.


July 15th Monday:




July 16th Tuesday Evening :


5.30 PM Shirdi Sai Baba Mangal Snanam, Abhishekam with Ganga jal , Panchamrit and flower petals, followed by Alankaram
6.45 PM Sai Satya Vratam
7.45 PM Sai Bhajan and Sai naam jaap and the Paalki Seva Around the Temple
8.00 PM Archana followed by Naivedya to Baba by devotees and Seja Arati
8.30 PM Prasadam & Dinner - Sponsored by Friends of the Community.


A week before the Guru Poorima festival we will be doing Sai Satcharitra Parayanam every day. See the schedule below. Any devotee can join the parayan. Sat Charitra Books will be provided.


July 9th thru 16th - 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM - Sai Sat Charitra Parayan Schedule:


July 9th 1st day - Tuesday - Chapter 1 to 7
2nd day - Wednesday - Chap 8 - 15
3rd day - Thursday- Chap 16 - 22
4th day - Friday - Chap 23 - 30
5th day - Saturday - 31 - 36
6th day - Sunday - Chap 37 - 44
7th day - Monday - Chap 45 - 50
July 16th Tuesday Concluding Day - Fala Sruthi


Sponsorships -


Gurupoornima Sponsorship $101 (includes both days)
Satyanarayana Vratam $41
Shirdi Sai Baba Abhishekam $41
Sai Satya Vratam $31
Archana $11


All of you please come and join to participate in the celebrations.


Upcoming Festivals and Events:


August 4th Sunday - Naag Panchami

August 9th Friday – Vara Lakshmi Vratam

August 17th Saturday – Summer Mela (Save the date – Sports, Food and Prizes)

August 22nd (Thu) and 23rd(Fri)- Janmashtami and Gokulashtami









Mailing Address:

4870 Whitneyville Ave. SE

ADA, MI 49301


Physical Address:

4870 Whitneyville Ave. SE

ADA, MI 49301


Telephone Number:
(616) 868-9909