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March 28th Ugadi/ Gudi Padwa (Tuesday):


We will be celebrating this year's Sri Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara UGADI on March 28th (Tuesday). Ugadi means beginning of an era. Ugadi Pachadi is a special recipe prepared on Ugadi day. This recipe signifies the combination of all aspects of life. It is a tasty dish made with a lot of healthy ingredients. The Pachadi has six different tastes assimilated in it- sweet, salty, bitter, tangy, spicy and sour. All of these tastes represents the different facets of life.


Ugadi Panchanga Shravanam is done on Ugadi. Astrology predictions and yearly horoscopes are told by Pundits on this day.


Program Details:

6.45 PM Sri Satya Narayana Swami Utsav Murti Abhishekam
7.15 PM Archana and Aarati
7.30 PM Panchanga Shravanam
8.00 PM Ugadi Pachadi distribution followed by Prasadam


April 4th - Sri Rama Navami and Shirdi Sai Baba Birthday



Rama Navami is a festival celebrating the birth of the god Rama to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya in Ayodhya. Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, is one of the oldest avatars of Lord Vishnu having a human form.


Rama Navami day is celebrated as the birthday of SRI SHIRDI SAI BABA. We will be celebrating this very auspicious festival on April 4th.



11.00 AM Abhishek for Sri Ram Parivar (Utsava Murthys)
11.30 AM Bhajans followed by Arati and Prasadam


5.30 PM​ Sri Sita Rama Kalyana Mahotsavam
7.00 PM Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Abhishekam followed by Bhajans,
8.00 PM Arati for Ram Parivar and Shirdi Sai Baba.
8.30 PM Special Ram Navami Dinner




April 8th Saturday - Shani Trayodashi

April 8th Ram Navami celebration

9.00 AM Suprabhatam
10.00 AM NAVAGRAHA Abhishekam
11.30 Sai Satya Vratam
1.00 PM Palki Seva for Ram Parivar
Arati and Prasadam

April 8 Swaminarayan Jayanti

2-5 PM Bhajans
5.00 PM Abhishekam
6.00 PM Palki Seva
7.00 PM Prasad and Dinner


Tamil New Year and Vishu: April 14th


Please save the date. Details to follow.

For the month of April, regularly scheduled Maha Lakshmi Abhishekam is moved to Friday, April 21st. Please take a note of this.



April 22nd – Mata Ki Chowki: - See below -


For more details, please click here.







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