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For booking the commmunity Center, please send us an email to contactus@westmichiganhindutemple.org.
We will follow up with you as soon as possible. Thank you.



Please review the Community Center Rental Agreement.

Please contact any Board Member for more info.




For volunteering opporutunities please contact any the Board Members or the Sub-Committee members and they will help you. We would like to have as many volunteers as we can to make this Upcoming Events a success.





When you are in the Temple, please observe these tips:


  • The following guidelines are meant for a very fulfilling visit for all the devotees.  Please help us create and maintain the spiritual atmosphere at all times.
  1. Keep the premises clean at all times. Leave the area clean after you finish a pooja. Throw trash only in designated trash bins.
  2. No food is allowed inside the Temple except prasadam given by Panditji. Remember this is God’s Home.
  3. Observe silence when you are in the Temple. 
  4. Respect the privacy and religious sentiments of your fellow devotees.
  5. Dress modestly.
  6. While standing in line for Darshan, please wait for your turn.
  7. Encourage your children to participate in religious activities. Do not allow them to play, run or misbehave in the Temple side.
  8. Put your cell phones and beepers in silent mode or keep it turned off.
  9. Make room for other devotees to worship and allow volunteers to clean the premises and prepare for religious functions.
  10. When performing Archana, please limit names to your immediate family in consideration to others who may be waiting.
  11. Use foot washing area to wash your feet to keep our temple clean.
  12. No footwear of any kind is permitted inside the Temple.
  13. The following exception may be done for devotees with prosthesis only. The prosthesis may be covered with booties for devotees who are able to ambulate or who use wheelchair/scooter.
  14. Remove crushed lemons or coconuts in the parking lot after Vahana pooja.
  15. Photographs or videos of the deities are strictly prohibited.
  16. Do not smoke in and around the Temple premises.
  17. Handicap  parking spaces are reserved for Handicapped Devotees with legal permit only.
  18. No non-vegetarian food or alcohol is allowed inside the Temple or Community Center and around the temple grounds.
  19. Please use the community center, if you need to socialize without distracting devotees doing any religious activities in the temple side.



Temple Management